Our Small Business kits feature products from small businesses and local makers. This kit includes:


-16oz ceramic tumbler from Ton Pottery. Glaze colors will vary.

-One bottle of Special Recipe Root Beer from Natrona Bottling Company. Reminiscent of a brew your great grandfather made in his basement many years ago, the extra touch of sassafras creates a nostalgic beverage that recaptures the true essence of what root beer was supposed to be. Satisfying and Refreshing

-One Iron bottle opener from Makena Henriksen at Nettlefire Forge . Style with either be the "figure 8" or the "S". Hand forged at Touchstone Center for Crafts. 


Items are carefully packaged and shipped for free anywhere in the continental U.S. Please include a gift message if you would like it included in a hand written card to the receiver. 

Cold Drink on a Hot Day