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Woodfired stoneware espresso cup. 4 oz approximately. 


Each woodfired piece is unique. The atmospheric qualities of woodfiring make for one-of a kind works.

When you purchase a piece of wood fired ceramics you are contributing to a process that has captivated artist and collector alike and is part of the origin of ceramic history. The time, effort, and love that goes into each piece makes them unique and one of a kind. This is a glimpse of the process involved.
Like any kiln, fuel has to be a constant, but unlike a gas or electric kiln, a wood kiln needs the labor of a community to work. It takes a community to create the work, load the kiln, prepare wood and, of course, fire the kiln. It takes 24-48 hours or longer to get the kiln to temp, in that time we break into 6 hr shifts and steadily add wood to the fire box every 3-5 minutes. the kiln will cool for 7 days and then we unload and clean the work. We at Ton Pottery are part of a few communities in western pa that fire wood kilns; Touchstone Center for Crafts, The Smicksburg potters, and of course our kiln the Fawn Monster. Thank you for your support of our community and our art.
-Dan Kuhn

Woodfired Espresso Cup #14 -4 oz

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