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Ton Pottery is a Ceramics Studio, specializing in handmade pottery.We have recently closed our Millvale studio and will be concentrating on mail order, craft shows and workshops. We partner with other local businesses to put together "Small Business Gift Sets" that can be shipped for free anywhere in the U.S. Ton Pottery can also put together handmade sets for your corporate and event gifts. Led by owner and artist Dan Kuhn, Ton Pottery specilizes in Woodfire workshops, Raku and demostrations. 

We also provide kiln repair and many other services to professional artists and organizations. 

Ton Pottery is an acredited ACT48 provider. Credits can be gained through joining us for a workshop, or contact us to schedule a group class. 

email us at 

Look for us on Facebook:

Instagram: @tonpottery


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Other Services

ACT 48 Continuing Education

School Programs

Kiln Repair

Studio Consultation

Wholesale Pottery

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